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1980’s & 1990’s

1980’s & 1990’s


Sandy Alexander moves to Clifton, NJ and acquires first Full Size Web 5 unit M-1000


Acquired MGA


Acquired sales of Americom (A, Colish, Inc.), current employees – including Mike Graff, Larry Westlake, Joe Brocato, Bob Kappes, Chris Raum, Charlie Craft, Bob Mark, Bob Tortorello Rob Zimmerman, Karen Lasser among others


Installed first manroland full web press

In the 80’s and 90’s Sandy Alexander continued organic growth through mergers

and acquisitions. MGA, located in St. Petersburg, Florida was acquired in 1989,

establishing Sandy Alexander as a leader in direct mail, followed two years

later by the acquisition of Americom sales. Sandy Alexander’s relocation from

New York City to its current home at 200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ provided

significantly more real estate, allowing the company to purchase its first

manroland full-web press.

June 1, 2015