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Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing Solutions

Our comprehensive offering of Direct Marketing Solutions provides sophisticated tools to reach your clients across all channels. We create unique, effective, and flexible Direct Mail formats and fully variable 1:1 messaging solutions. Our Automated Marketing platform ties our capabilities together by intelligently triggering messages across print and digital channels.

Specialization including...

Sophisticated Direct Mail Campaigns

Unique Formats: grab consumers’ attention the moment they open the mailbox with intricate multi-dimensional formats that increase open rates and leverage personalization to drive response and maximize your ROI. We custom develop a broad range of formats utilizing a variety of print and production techniques:

  • Highly customized digitally printed and hand assembled programs.
  • Offset and Digitally printed hybrid programs leverage multiple substrates and printing techniques without compromising relevance based messaging using customization and personalization.
  • Inline printed and imaged formats for programs that are large in scale but demand intricate multidimensional formats.

Full-Scale Email Campaigns

One-to-One marketing: focus your message utilizing your data to feature products, services, and offers that are relevant to each recipient. We enable marketers to fully leverage their data to personalize and customize messaging, and images. Relevance drives greater response and significantly improves campaign ROI. Our technology platform for 1:1 marketing extends beyond print to include landing pages, email, and other digital communication tools that are rendered with customization for each recipient.

Data-Driven Technology Leveraging

Customizing & personalizing: from design to analytics, that maximize the value of your data, awareness of your marketing campaign – and provide more meaningful connection with your audiences.

Incorporating your latest data:
which translates into more relevant campaigns, and more successful customer/prospect experiences, responses and outcomes.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Cross Channel Communications: raise overall response rates by seamlessly connecting your target audiences across multiple channels including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Landing Pages
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Mobile via SMS /Text Messaging

Automated Marketing Platform enables us to build “Marketing Machines” that monitor consumer behavior across multiple channels. We capture the behavioral data to develop customized messaging for each recipient. We can then utilize a variety of triggers to automatically drive the next communication including behavior, external data, and timing parameters so marketers can focus on strategy instead of project management.

Realizing growth through
Loyalty Marketing

With growth returning to the top of the agenda, companies are finding that their current capabilities for executing a growth strategy are no longer quite up to the task. This is particularly true for the preferred path to new customers and prospects, which demands new levels of operational agility and marketing effectiveness.

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to boost sales and revenue. But they can be even more valuable when it comes to increasing the satisfaction and ensuring the retention of your high-value customers.

Download the white paper to get comprehensive insights into Marketing Effectiveness, Brand Building, ROI and what companies are doing to achieve it.

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Customer Loyalty Marketing Cover



Download Consumer Bank and Auto Finance Trigger Campaign

Download Auto Finance Trigger Campaign

Download Personalized Welcome Kit drives brand loyalty & sales

Download Drive shoppers into buyers on a daily basis

Download Customized trigger campaign generates incremental purchase occasion


  • Identify the optimal direct marketing plan to achieve your objectives
  • Establish the benchmarks of success
  • Build campaigns from concept through delivery, allowing you to focus on strategy
  • Identify the most appropriate channel to deliver the message
  • Create the message(s) to deliver
  • Design the creative components for each communication channel
  • Execute and measure results