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CG Retouching Studio

Complementing and integrated with our other marketing communication–centric resources is Salt Studios. Salt Studios is a high-end visual media production boutique located in New York City – specializing in computer graphics, creative retouching, photography, and digital asset management.

Specialization including...


  • Assets created for a full 360 degree motion with 3-d animation
  • Greatly enhances any product presentations
  • Creates the illusion of motion, action not otherwise feasible

Computer Generated Graphics (CG)

  • Specializing in 3-D animation and visually dynamic stills
  • Creates the appearance of larger and more elaborate scenes & spaces
  • Visually showcases your product dynamically or as stills
  • Often enables you to save on traditional photography & staging cost
  • Can lower costs while providing higher quality, improving ROI

Creative Retouching

  • Specialize in high-end retouching & compositing services
  • Transform your images with minimal amount of retouching possible
  • Masterful digital artistry which will exceed your expectations
  • Draws more attention to your campaign & brand

Other Services

  • Studio services for digital photography, including on-site services
  • Prototype development from wire models, to CG to 3-D Models
  • Prepress studio for ad releases and related media
  • Full suite of asset management and on-line ordering tools



Download Computer Generated Imagery Case Study


Salt Studios is a high-end visual media production boutique and 3D animation studio in New York City. We specialize in computer graphics, CGI rendering, creative retouching, photography, and digital asset management.

  • Comprised of industry leading digital artists & cutting edge technology
  • Can create, manage, & enhance your visual assets
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with global brand consistency
  • Reduce time-to-market while improving your marketing ROI
  • Complements and integrates with our other marketing communication-centric resources at Sandy Alexander


A History of Salt

Salt Studios is a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary of Sandy Alexander. Formed as a New York City 3D animation studio from the combination of several stellar specialty firms, including their senior executives and artists.


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