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About Sandy Alexander


Through the years, Sandy Alexander has grown because of a long term symbiotic strategic partnership with our clients. This relationship was built on a foundation of best practices in printing and a commitment to servicing all of the communication needs of our clients.  The result is a diverse company that was born out of printing but has evolved into a multi-platform, multi-channel marketing communications company with capabilities ranging from CG studio services, digital printing, direct mailing, data driven marketing solutions, and retail visual merchandising. Our success has been the result of 4 guiding principles that our clients have embraced: providing a single source for our clients, color science management, marketing technology solutions, and sustainable intelligence.



One Source

  • Providing a single contact point for all development, production, fulfillment, and delivery
  • Full array of digital printing platforms: digital, sheetfed, full web with in-line finishing, retail visuals and wide & grand
  • Handle any retail marketing campaign, start-to-finish, prototype development to production, finishing, shipping & installation
  • Experts in data based management driven multi-channel marketing communications
  • Results in better communications, brand consistency, speed-to-market, sole responsibility, and higher ROI



Color Science

  • World class color scientist with years of experience and knowledge that go beyond G7 certification
  • Color management across all printing platforms including digital, offset, retail visuals and wide & grand
  • Color consistency for multi-channel marketing products on any substrate including paper, fabric, wood, metal, vinyl and more
  • Total brand consistency on any piece from a postcard to a stadium wrap



Marketing Technology Solutions

  • Commitment to expanding our services and resources to provide advanced marketing technologies to our clients.
  • Data Driven Direct Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Identifying and leveraging data through one-to-one marketing and content management
  • Multi-channel, strategic triggered campaigns built on business rules
  • IT security controls surrounding systems and data
  • Proven results and generating record- breaking response rates



Sustainable Intelligence

  • Leading and inspiring our industry in sustainable practices
  • SGP (Sustainable Green Printer) certified
  • Sustainable practices including wind power energy and using renewable resource-based paper
  • Tri-certified for chain-of-custody sustainable paper (FSC, SFI, PEFC)
  • Commitment to social responsibility sponsoring community blood drives, charity fund raising & more

Our responsible leadership and ongoing innovation is active and proactive. Proven in part by audited industry certifications like these we’ve received below.