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The Playbook to Reopening

The Playbook to Reopening

Our Blueprint to Moving Forward in 2020

Sandy Alexander is open, and we want to help. With experts in various channels of marketing communications we have put our forward-thinking teams together to create a comprehensive resource for our clients. We are monitoring the CDC guidelines being published and have spoken to the leaders across multiple industries, mapping solutions that can help transform businesses as they prepare to reopen. We have commissioned surveys to find out the public’s perception of entering public environments and have listened to the input we are hearing from all our contacts.

Introducing, The Playbook to Reopening to help spark ideas for you and your teams as we plan the reopening of business across the nation. Our goal is to help you establish safe and productive business environments that will drive success by utilizing graphic communications that help you adhere to the social distancing guidelines. We hope to help you shift and adapt to the changing landscape and assist in campaigns to signal to your customers that we are all in this together and we are moving forward.

You can access our full playbook here:

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We are ready to assist your team with our experts in marketing communications. Please feel free contact your representative or call Gene Palecco on our main line at 973-470-8100.


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