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Casual Dining Post COVID-19 National Survey Commissioned by dinetec, a Sandy Alexander company

Casual Dining Post COVID-19 National Survey Commissioned by dinetec, a Sandy Alexander company

Orlando, FL – April 22, 2020 – dinetec, an Orlando-based intelligent dining solutions company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Sandy Alexander, Inc., has made available a national survey detailing consumer insights of post COVID-19 dining.

On April 18-19, 2020, dinetec discovered common themes and opinions of what were qualified as “regular casual diners” who began the survey by answering an unbiased, open ended question revealing that Social Distancing; Menu Format Preferences; Sanitation of Menus, Condiments, and the Restaurant; Reservations; and Delivery and Pickup Preferences were top-of-mind. The survey details questions pertaining to the reopening of dining concepts and actions customers would like casual dining brands to take before, during, and after these reopening occur. In conclusion, dinetec found the feelings and fears of these “regular casual diners” and their perceptions of returning to casual dining restaurants in the future.

Kim Opdyke, Chief Operating Officer of dinetec, said, “dinetec is proactively finding ways to act in the best interest of our clients and deliver useful solutions. We are a committed business partner, so we took the liberty of commissioning this survey to help guide our clients through the upcoming reopening process. We hope to prove as a resource to our partners. We would be happy to review and provide the complete, in-depth survey to anyone that contacts us.”

If you are interested in reaching out to dinetec for the Casual Dining Post COVID-19 National Survey, feel free to email Kim Opdyke at kopydke@dinetec.com.

dinetec specializes in creating and delivering intelligent solutions for the restaurant industry offering guest-facing technologies, data management, menu programs, ADA compliance as well as mobile and intelligent Wi-Fi integration.