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Sustainability in 2019 – Converting Customers to Responsible Alternatives

Sustainability in 2019 – Converting Customers to Responsible Alternatives

In 2019 we at Sandy Alexander are making a commitment to further ourselves as a green and sustainable organization within the world of print. In past years we have attempted to change our products and manufacturing capabilities specifically in our Wide & Grand Format division to this end. Every year we begin with a measurable goal and evaluate our progress in the form of our Continual Improvement Project (CIP) to develop, support, and integrate the company’s sustainability efforts. With incremental steps to improve our processes we have successfully accomplished our goals in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

This year, we have committed to the following:

Goal Statement

In 2019, Sandy Alexander aims to convert 10% of our styrene-based substrates purchases, compared to 2018, to an environmentally responsible alternative that is 100% recyclable.

To accomplish this goal, we are expanding our efforts across multiple departments, beginning at Sales. We hope to utilize our sales and client service personnel to promote and convert clients’ out-of-home projects from styrene to an environmentally responsible alternative.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Xanita Board, Mohawk

Xanita Board is distributed by Mohawk Paper in North America. This substrate is 100% sustainable as it is produced from 100% recycled cardboard making it 100% recyclable itself. The paper-based product is produced with no VOCs or toxins and acts as a lightweight and strong alternative for structural type displays, retail fitouts, free standing units, POP displays, booths, 3D signage, and more. Xanita Board’s ability to ship flat and be assembled on-site while maintaining the strength for structural displays will allow us to convert future projects into responsibly sourced products that will not be landfilled after use.

Imagemax®, Neenah

Neenah Imagemax® is a 100% paper based product that can act as a PVC or styrene alternative. Distributed by Neenah Paper, Imagemax® is made of post-consumer waste, FSC® certified, and is fully recyclable, eliminating landfill waste. Typically used to replace plastic gift cards, our team has begun manufacturing larger projects and is confident this substrate can be used for retail environments in displays and signage.

To learn more about our Sustainable Initiatives or environmentally responsible suggestions on future projects, please contact Gene Palecco at gpalecco@sandyinc.com or call 973.470.8100.

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