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Salt Studios pioneers CG Model-to-Manufacturing Workflow

Salt Studios pioneers CG Model-to-Manufacturing Workflow

Scholastic was led to SALT Studios – our pre-media studio in the heart of NYC – by a member of our sales team at Sandy Alexander. Our team at SALT was then presented with an interesting project; to create a case-study for a CG model-to-manufacturing workflow, which could be used for instructional and demonstration purposes. It was right up our alley!
If proven successful, this process would not only provide Scholastic with the export files for manufacturing (tooling dies, etc.), but also provide them with complete assets for marketing materials.
Since conventional prototyping and photo sessions are completely eliminated using this process, it saves the client a great amount of time, resources, and, naturally, costs.
The product is simple: an illuminated display box (perhaps for jewelry, etc.).

  • To start, we were only provided with rough technical drawings, indicating the measurements and various materials.
  • Next, we proceeded to create the forms for each of the components, to specification.
  • We then rendered each of the components with their various material properties, color, and environment settings within a virtual photo studio (lighting, angle, etc) for a final, photorealistic image.
  • To demonstrate to the client what is now possible with these assets, we created a short, motion animation, which explodes the unit into its various components, and demonstrates how it works when it all comes back together (illuminating LEDs and pedestal, when the switch is deployed):

  • The client indicated that the manufacturer requires STEP files, but we can export the forms in various other (albeit, limited) formats, as well. With that, the client asked if we can provide a 3D-printed model to serve as a basic prototype. Indeed, SALT was able to accommodate. Voilá! Their product was brought to life!
  • It was important to stress to the client that the export files will not be readily usable by the manufacturer, as various technical details of the process are unknown to us (material tolerances, etc.). However, the export files can be used as a great starting point, then modified by the manufacturer to suit. For Scholastic’s purposes, this was fine.

While this product is relatively simplistic, it represents how digital imaging may be utilized to realize a product from conception to the end result, while having marketing assets, all in one process. For more information from Salt Studios contact Joe Savattieri at jsavattieri@salt-studios.com or call 212-947-9222.