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Sandy’s Wide & Grand Expanding with Cutting-Edge Improvements

Sandy’s Wide & Grand Expanding with Cutting-Edge Improvements

Sandy Alexander entered the $10 Billion wide-format industry in 2010 and has continued to up the game with equipment investments and the physical space needed to accommodate this large scale format.

To accommodate the demanding schedules of a growing retail and visual merchandising client list, the company made the investment to add redundancy and minimize risk in providing the speed-to-market service that customers demand. View a brief video that was included as part of Guy Gecht’s opening keynote during the recent EFI Connect conference in 2017.

In January for 2017, Sandy Alexander announced it had installed a new EFI VUTEk 5r to further expand the capabilities of its Clifton, N.J. campus. Operating in the company’s wide-format division, the 16-ft. (5 meter) roll-to-roll machine provides added high-performance technology in conjunction with its counterpart, the Durst Rho 1312 added in 2016.

“Every year, customers’ expectations ratchet up as shorter time to market and lower costs are part of the narrative for businesses everywhere,” says Mike Graff, CEO of Sandy Alexander. “As our customers are pressed to meet tight deadlines and contain costs, we focus on researching and investing in state-of-the-art technology, keeping a watchful eye on how best to tighten-up our workflow to drive efficiency. Being better, faster and more efficient is what gives us our edge.”

Flash forward to 2018, and the expansion accelerates with:

A fundamental aspect of Sandy Alexander’s business model is our desire to maintain close client relationships, our willingness to listen to client needs and our ability to offer them the resources to excel in their lines of business. This discipline has led to the true creation of a “One Source” offering, which puts our customer’s needs in the forefront of our business decisions and ultimately has led to our expansion and success.

Read more about the Sandy Alexander 2018 Expansion in our current press release.