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Printed Catalogs are still Relevant and Boosting Sales for Retailers

Printed Catalogs are still Relevant and Boosting Sales for Retailers

Printed catalogs are not going away. In fact, it has been discovered by major retailers that catalogs are boosting sales. The use of the print catalog has evolved in the past few years. Previously, customers would choose their purchase and phone into a call center to place their order. Now, catalogs serve as the first stop on the buying train guiding buyers towards purchasing online or in the store.

Here are some recent findings of catalog benefits:

1. Catalogs are Key Drivers of Sales

People buy products after seeing them in catalogs. Based on a survey by a global consulting firm – Kurt Salmon, 86% of woman in the age range of 18-30 say they have bought an item after seeing in a catalog.

Restoration Hardware said its catalogs, which the furniture retailer calls “sourcebooks,” were “one of our primary branding and advertising vehicles” and “a key driver of sales through both our websites and retail stores.” Catalogs and e-commerce sales together make up 45% of the company’s net revenue.

2. Catalogs Bolster Brand Loyalty

According to Consumerist Archives, 31% of shoppers look through a catalog even when they complete their purchase on line. The catalog reinforces the brand recognition and product awareness. Catalogs are an engaging experience not provided by the web. Companies are using print catalogs to cut through email clutter and social-media saturation, said Denise Lee Yohn, a retail brands expert. The catalogs help “differentiate brands and sustain existing customer relationships.”

3. Printed Catalogs are a more effective targeted strategy

With big data efficiency, retailers can target customers based on buying habits. Catalog retailers typically code their catalogs to create data sets they can match to sales and develop a sophisticated understanding of who their customers are, where they live, and what they want. For example, catalogs can be dispatched to specific customers who previously made online purchases. This strategy has reaped successful results for many major retailers; they see catalogs as an opportunity to leverage marketing efforts and enter new markets.

4. Enhancing the Omni-channel Experience of the Customer

Marketing through catalogs is now creating a very personalized experience using high-end content like editorial material in magazines. According to Retail Dive, integrating catalogs with both e-commerce and store operations is key to making the most of all channels. It remains an important sales channel. The most sophisticated retailers are continuously working to build a seamless omnichannel operation and experience that uses catalogs, websites, and physical stores seamlessly and interchangeably to help customers shop and make purchases.

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