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The Advantages of High-Speed Inline Imaging and Finishing for Large-Scale Direct Mail Marketing

The Advantages of High-Speed Inline Imaging and Finishing for Large-Scale Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to providing inline Direct Mail solutions Sandy Alexander has the expertise, equipment, and creativity for large-scale campaigns that demand intricate multidimensional formats.

Direct Mail is still a vital and statistically effective channel to attract and retain customers. It is the most trustworthy (56%), authoritative (55%) and memorable (51%) media channel. For the best results, the strategy is to have the right data, create a highly personalized experience in a cost-effective and fast method, and integrate the delivery with other marketing channels.

There are many advantages to utilizing high speed, inline imaging and finishing for large-scale campaigns.

Speed to Market

High-speed inline imaging and finishing provides a highly personalized, creative and cost-effective solution for the fast delivery of exceptional quality direct mail. We can streamline the manufacturing process to create millions of print pieces per day in a single operation, saving time and movement of materials while maintaining the highest quality. In addition, the speed of our data department allows for furnished data just a few days prior to the targeted mailing date.

Personalized Equals Higher Response Rates

With the flexibility of inline imaging and finishing, add relevant messaging and variable data to create personalized Direct Mail for a target audience. Segmenting your data into target demographics is paramount to driving record-breaking conversions that maximize your sales and ROI; one run can connect to multiple target audiences while still maintaining quality and branding.

Diversity in Creative Formats

Design customized, interactive, and multi-dimensional formats that increase open rates. Inline imaging and finishing can create folds, tip on cards, intricate die-cuts, glued-in notes, and much more all in a single process. The inline process amazes with the input of plain paper and the output of a finished, ready to mail product.

Greener Solutions

At Sandy Alexander, we are committed towards greater environmental responsibility ensuring that our employees, customers, suppliers and the graphic communication community are aware of the importance of preserving the environment. With inline finishing, there is even a sustainability bonus as there are reduced make-readies which minimizes created waste.

Sandy Alexander has always had the customer’s needs in mind when it comes to providing advantages in Direct Mail marketing. This is best reflected in constant upgrades to technology and equipment, ongoing training and expertise in data management, expanded services in Direct Marketing to provide multi-channel solutions, and many years of providing quality, highly personalized interactive inline printing to Fortune 500 companies. To learn how our Direct Mail solutions can meet your needs, please contact Gene Palecco at gpalecco@sandyinc.com or call 973-470-8100.