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Top 5 Hottest Markets for Print in 2018

Top 5 Hottest Markets for Print in 2018

A recently published article by Printing Impressions gives a brief forecast for the print demand broken down into market segment. Vincent Mallardi, CMC, describes the 2018 industry trend towards an impressive recovery with revenues reaching US$199.5B (+3%). Of this, 95% of revenues come from the Top 25 industries outlined in his article with the Top 5 responsible for nearly US$70B.

The Top 5:

  1. Packaged Foods
  2. Medical/Pharma
  3. Publishing, Non-Newspaper
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Banking/Insurance

Packaged Foods

While two-thirds of print demand in Packaged Foods exists as labels and packaging, there is an increased demand in promotional inserts and point-of-sale solutions. According to Printing Impressions, “By 2025, traditional store lighting and traffic-aisle configurations will be unlike anything from back in the 1950s.” This transformation of the retail space coupled with the re-packaging of products will keep the Packaged Foods industry invested heavily in graphic marketing solutions.


Reports suggest that the U.S. government is under increasing pressure to minimize TV/cable advertising for the Medical/Pharma industry. The change to print media will increase spend on everything in print most heavily concentrated in publication inserts, billboards, and POS solutions.

Publishing, Non-Newspaper

According to Printing Impressions, big-publishing will be introducing new titles such as translated texts from other cultures and will increase spend in book covers and rare book replications.


Spanning various marketing platforms, the Telecommunications industry has multiple cross-media entry points that will be good for print. Name changes and new branding initiatives will add to print spend from large format solutions down to business cards.


Conventional commercial banks look to stop the growth of cryptocurrency and smaller free-trade platforms with what Printing Impressions describes as “a flurry of print advertising direct mail, signage and out-of-home campaigns.” While insurance companies will resume advertising and sales promotion in direct mail to help recover losses from the increased number of natural disasters in 2017.

While marketers in these sectors still gravitate to traditional print services, numbers show increased interest in 3D, Augmented Reality and all forms of smart and interactive print. As an industry leader, Sandy Alexander has expanded our capabilities to cover these demands. Offering services in traditional Print, CG & Photographic Retouching, Direct Marketing and Retail Visuals, Sandy Alexander offers a full range of cross-platform capabilities that does not limit us to ink-on-paper solutions.

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