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Artificial Intelligence – The 2018 Marketing Buzzword

Artificial Intelligence – The 2018 Marketing Buzzword

It’s a big question in the marketing world is “How will artificial intelligence change what we are doing now?”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the big buzzword of 2018. There are many AI applications that are already influencing the marketing world, and much is in its infancy and being developed in start-ups. Many brands are already actively using AI in their marketing initiatives.

Artificial intelligence marketing utilizes big data insights to build a clearer picture of targeted audiences and their behaviors. Machine learning takes the data and identifies trends and then predicts common insights, responses, and reactions so marketers can understand the cause and likelihood of actions repeating. This valuable information forms the basis for making faster and smarter choices and essentially gives businesses marketing advantages.

Personalized website experiences

AI can help companies to enhance their visitor experience with intelligent personalization. Intelligent algorithms analyze hundreds of data points about a single user and then display the best-fitting offers and content. AI-powered personalization can increase conversions, visitor engagement, improve brand perception and increase lead generation acquisition. Example: Pandora combines human curators and machine learning algorithms to suggest new songs to listeners, thereby creating an exceptional user experience. Blogs can be automated so that visitors are shown only the content that is relevant, notifications and offers that are based on their location, demographics and browsing history.

Content Creation

Machines can create content with simple rule sets such as profit and loss summaries, quarterly business reports, hotel descriptions, sports game recaps, stock-insights and more. The content is designed to read as though written by a human. The writing style can be controlled by rules and formats that are established by the brand. There are also AI-powered marketing tools that can suggest fresh social media content that is likely to create better brand engagement.

Personalized Email

Artificial Intelligence can make it possible to send curated content that is highly personalized to each individual customer. Data can be analyzed to identify previous website interactions, blogs read, time spent on a page and more. Analyzing reading patterns and topics of interest leads to recommendations of specific content that is the most relevant to customers.

Image Recognition

AI-powered image recognition is being utilized by Google, Facebook, Amazon and more. Retail stores are using facial recognition software to trace customers’ in-store visits and they are linking these videos to customer profiles. This information is utilized to customize content experiences by sending real-time discount offers and welcome messages. Facial recognition software can be used as a measurement tool by tracking the offline ROI of online campaigns.

As AI technology continues to develop, it will be important for brands to select the right technology partners, be willing to try out new strategies and ultimately, figure out what does and does not have an impact on their bottom-line. Sandy Alexander works hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to offering the technology to best serve our clients. Sandy’s Direct Marketing team has been delivering intelligent personalized experiences for many years. Our automated marketing platform provides fully variable messaging solutions by intelligently triggering messages across print and digital channels. And be sure to check out how our exclusive partner, Digital Insight Group is utilizing eye tracking research and consumer insights to enhance the impact of your printed materials. To learn more contact Gene Palecco, gpalecco@sandyinc.com, at Sandy Alexander.