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Sandy Prints: Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Sandy Prints: Mohawk Maker Quarterly

We are proud to have printed the Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue #13: Disruption. Mohawk’s inspiring masterpiece will wet your palette for creativity with the goal to “disrupt” your way of thinking.

Chris Harrold, VP Creative Director of Mohawk, stated, “We at Mohawk have never lost sight of this word’s meaning and relevance; disruption is part of our DNA. In an industry that some people consider outdated, we have a history of introducing new technologies and products before the market recognizes their potential.”

At Sandy Alexander, we align ourselves with just this way of thinking. We consider the introduction of new technologies and processes something to pride ourselves on. Working with Mohawk and the innovative design by Hybrid Design not only allowed our professionals to work with new technology but kept our production team thinking out of the box and pushing the envelope on processes, technique and finishing; it is exactly the type of work we love.

The article on Art & Algorithm by Bryn Mooth examines the technology of Mosaic, the challenges of creating 20,000 one-of-kind prints that were part of the piece, and how they came to be by leveraging design and variable-data technology. “Think about that, as designers, you’re accustomed to meticulously crafting every aspect of your work. You test and proof and press check. And yet the design team sent this project off to Sandy Alexander knowing that the finished product, was for all intents, out of their control.”

View the publication online or sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. To connect with Sandy Alexander and see how their graphic communications solutions can meet your needs, please contact Sandy Alexander at hello@sandyinc.com or call 973-470-8100.