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Sandy Alexander + Digital Insight Group

Sandy Alexander + Digital Insight Group

At Sandy Alexander, we’ve always kept an eye on the future to see what’s around the corner in terms of our customers’ needs and expectations. As recently noted by our CEO Mike Graff, more than ever our customers “are focusing on the impact of the print as opposed to just getting a piece out.”

Digital Insight Group is a consumer insights research agency partnering exclusively with Sandy Alexander in the printing industry. Digital Insights Group specializes in providing eye tracking research and consumer insights designed to enhance and ensure the impact of your printed materials. Our new capabilities resulting from this partnership will provide value to a variety of print applications including, direct mail, retail visuals, outdoor signage, restaurant menus, catalogs, and virtually anything that’s visual. In fact, our dinetec division has already begun rolling out these new capabilities. John Glick, President of the Sandy Alexander dinetec division recently commented on the rollout.

“Having tools like EyeValuate at our disposal is like having affordable insurance for our customers important print investment. Our customers currently taking advantage of these new tools are finding insights that previously went unnoticed.” – John Glick, President of dinetec a division of Sandy Alexander

EyeValuate – Eye Tracking Research for More Impactful Print

With EyeValuate we can help you spot consumer behavioral trends that other metrics miss. For example, what are your customers actually seeing on your printed piece? Are certain visuals being overlooked, are there extraneous visual distractions absorbing undue attention? EyeValuate can answer these and many other compelling questions before your job goes to press. Best of all we can help you make design decisions informed by real market data from your target audience. Watch our brief video below to see a sample and learn more.

Thanks to our new partnership with Digital Insights Group when you print with Sandy Alexander you can see and enhance your next marketing campaign in a remarkable way, through the eyes of your customers. To learn more contact Gene Palecco, gpalecco@sandyinc.com, at Sandy Alexander.