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Sandy Alexander Acquires New Innovative Printing Presses

Sandy Alexander Acquires New Innovative Printing Presses

Sandy Alexander continues as an innovator in the printing industry. With advanced technology and skilled employees, we have become one of the major domestic print providers. In an effort to raise the bar yet again, the company made significant investments in 2017. Check out our new equipment list and the printing technologies that Sandy Alexander can utilize to produce the best possible products for your communications needs.

Indigo 10k + Value Pack

In 2017-Q1, Sandy Alexander was selected by HP to beta test the Indigo 10000 Value Pack upgrade. The upgrade provides all capabilities of an Indigo 12000, with additions to the internal hardware and software of the existing machines. In 2017-Q4, Sandy Alexander installed the Value Pack upgrade to our existing Indigo 10000’s, giving our digital department the enhancements that provide superior quality.

The upgrade inclusive of One Shot allows laying down all colors to the blanket prior to transferring, thus proving better registration. Now with improved white and fluorescent capabilities along with increased substrate handling, our Indigo line-up can now offer lighter weight stocks, printing on solid color stocks and printing on plastics.

Indigo 12000

In addition to upgrading two of our HP Indigo 10000 digital presses, Sandy Alexander invested in an Indigo 12000 to replace our first Indigo 10000. This gives our digital department THREE presses with 12000 capabilities.

The upgrade includes all the above improvements thanks to revolutionary software and hardware as well as the ability to print white ink, on colored or clear stocks, an automatic alert agent (scanner compares every sheet, stops press for scratches) and lightweight paper as low as 50# text.

Manroland R700 Evolution

Our latest investment is the new manroland R700 Evolution, a sheet-fed press with unmatched speed and quality at nearly 18,000 sph. This machine is a perfecting 28 x 40” 8-color LED sheet-fed offset press and coater. With the 8-color capability, an emphasis on texture, depth, and vividness is applied to the printed image. With advanced color management technology featuring in-line color scanning and the Brunner Instrument Flight System, color stability is quick and easy. The quick-change color and automatic plate change system help to make adjustments and increase productivity by providing the quickest make-ready in the industry. The manroland R700 Evolution also allows for electronic direct drive plate changes and on-the-fly print length adjustments, increasing cost-effectiveness.

For more information about Sandy Alexander’s digital and/or sheet-fed printing capabilities, please contact Gene Palecco at gpalecco@sandyinc.com or 973.968.3333.