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The New Retail Store Window – Focus on Customer Engagement

The New Retail Store Window – Focus on Customer Engagement

Interactive Nike Window DisplayVisual Merchandising in the age of the customer requires retailers to push the envelope with regard to creativity, innovation and to look to get immediate feedback from consumers. The windows into retail stores must create an experience, continue a conversation already begun on other marketing channels and at the same time provide a personalized experience. As an answer to this fast-changing landscape, windows are becoming more innovative and interactive while utilizing data and technology to increase engagement with passersby.

At the forefront of new innovations in the science of window design, retailers are employing new technologies, social media, gamification, apps and interactive experiences to engage customers to connect with their brands in new and exciting ways. And it’s not just about the novelty of using new technologies, these innovative approaches are increasing engagement and showing real ROI.

Find out more about the Newest in Window Display with some fun examples.

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Photo Credit: Nike