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Drive Results by Creating Focused Attention with dinetec Insight Technologies

Drive Results by Creating Focused Attention with dinetec Insight Technologies

In the modern marketplace, it’s not enough to get a customer’s attention; you need to be able to focus that attention to drive results. dinetec’s suite of consumer insight tools will help you achieve focused attention without the noise. Whether you want to drive focus to specific menu items or how POP is placed in the restaurant, dinetec can help you better gauge guest attention points and leverage that data to drive results.


The latest in consumer insight technologies that help you spot guest behavioral trends that other metrics may miss. EyeValuate can help you to accurately gauge how your guests are viewing menu items and marketing collateral. For example, do you know what our guests actually seeing? Are certain menu items not selling as planned simply because they’re being overlooked? EYEVALUATE gathers guest data by combining demographically targeted participants with wearable technologies. The dinetec team works with participants in two stages, first an eye tracking session, followed by a focus group session. Our two-stage approach allows you to gather and leverage guest attention data in real time as well make menu adjustments to drive ROI results.


Ever wonder if your guest is focusing on the right items to drive ROI? At dinetec, we understand the importance of placement and the impact it has on the viewer and your objectives. SEE IT maps your designs and will help you determine the best position for copy and photos. Our team works with you to create a personalized eye-tracking study for your brand that will help to ensure the performance of the menu.


Now that you have everyone’s attention, it’s important to make sure the guest will like what you’re featuring. Our tool gives you access to demographic data and tracks the percentage of viewers that respond to a feature image.


Our team of experts combines analytical insights with design enhancements to create menus that positively impact the choices made by the guest.

dinetec’s suite of consumer insight technologies provides you a new and incredibly insightful way to visualize sales, spot trends that may go overlooked, engage the guest and create positive results through menu performance.

dinetec specializes in creating and delivering intelligent solutions for the restaurant industry offering guest-facing technologies, data management, menu programs, ADA compliance as well as mobile and intelligent Wi-Fi integration.

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