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Passion for Beautiful Color is Part of Sandy Alexander’s DNA

Passion for Beautiful Color is Part of Sandy Alexander’s DNA

Beyond G7 Certification

Color plays a critical role in design, branding, and marketing. Sandy Alexander is among the handful of elite printers that not only practices color management but has implemented measures to take color management to the most advanced level, including and far surpassing the G7 certification. This expertise requires pushing beyond the typical color standards and adding extra quality to your brand’s color while capturing the total essence of your brand’s imagery.

It’s more than a science… it’s an art.

There’s more to color management than the science… it’s an art. And in Sandy Alexander’s case, this is achieved through the dedication, passion and leadership of their coveted color scientists, Art Bush and Greg Hill. Their collective expertise drives the unrelenting quest for perfect color and efficiency and fuels the daily process that services Sandy’s discerning clients and their brands.

Art particularly enjoys working with designers to assist them in realizing their visions. He explains, “These days there are all kinds of techniques, technologies, inks, and processes to enhance color, but when it comes right down to it, just the adjustment in CMYK can produce the most striking and amazing results.” Greg Hill works closely with Art and is responsible for keeping all of the standards necessary for their G7 certification. This is the daily groundwork that keeps the presses moving and keeps the clients captivated by Sandy’s exceptional quality.

One of the main reasons that Sandy’s long-term client relationships exist is because of the color consistency and enhancements that the Sandy team is able to achieve across all platforms. When new clients are presented with a press sheet with their imagery elevated to this level, the results are so stunning that the decision to engage Sandy is simple.

Sandy Alexander Advanced Color Services Include:

• Dedicated color scientists continuously pursuing ways to maximize color
• G7 certified across all printing platforms and production facilities
• High-end retouching and asset management
• Computer Graphics provides a complementary solution to photography
• Ongoing testing of new & unique substrates
• Leading color management position leveraged for Retail Visual Merchandising