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Florida Facilities Update

Florida Facilities Update

9.12.17 Update –
We are pleased to announce that fortunately, our employees, their families and our associates are safe and our facilities were not physically compromised by Hurricane Irma. Our contingency plans have been implemented, we will continue to resume normal operations in the upcoming days. We thank everyone for their understanding and support during these trying times.

9.11.17 Update –
As we continue to monitor conditions in our Florida facilities, the eye of the storm appears to have passed 30 miles east of our St. Petersburg plant. Our staff are making their way to further assess the building and its operation. We will keep you updated as we have additional information.

Our Orlando facility is still under curfew until later this evening at which time will provide an update.

We are anticipating both our Florida facilities will resume regular operation on Tuesday.

Our Florida facilities are secure and prepared as Hurricane Irma approaches. We will post updates as necessary during this difficult time. To our clients, Florida families, friends and everyone in the storms potential path, we want you to know that we care, we are keeping a close watch and we will be there for you should the need arise.

We will provide an update when the storm passes.