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Lemon Essential Oil – SandyEssence for August

Lemon Essential Oil – SandyEssence for August

The essence of Sandy Alexander is a commitment to making our customers’ lives easier.

Welcome to our new “scentsational” campaign where you can breathe deeply and enjoy a series of essential oils to remind you of the SandyEssence! August’s SandyEssence is Lemon which is known as one the most versatile of all essential oils. Most commonly recognized for its natural cleaning and disinfectant properties, lemon oil can be incorporated into your beauty routine by adding it to skin and hair care products to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and provide your hair with a smooth, shinier appearance. You cna also give a boost to your home cleaners, disinfectants, and polishes with lemon essential oil to help achieve a clean and shining surface, just beware of granite and stone as the oil may etch the surface!

Lemon Essential oil

Citrus limonum

Lemon Essential Oil


Botanical family: Rutaceae
Part harvested: Pericarp
Method for obtaining: Cold Expression
Appearance: Colourless to pale yellow liquid
Harvest Period: October-July
Benefits: Improves mood and fight depression, helps clean, disinfect and polish surfaces, and help keep things smelling fresh.

Originally from India, the lemon tree is a thorny shrub producing a famous citrus fruit with an acid and refreshing taste. Its semi-evergreen glossy foliage carries small, very fragrant white flowers. The young leaves have a red color and then green with age. Its fruit – the lemon – boasts a bright yellow pericarp whose bark is strewn with essential oil glands. The odoriferous principles that emerge as soon as the fruit is pressed, reveal a powerful perfume zest. The essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the pericarp of the ripe fruit. These are harvested manually throughout the year because lemon trees are produced continuously. The fragrance obtained is hesperidated and soft.

The lemon tree belongs to the great Rutaceae family, which includes all the citrus. Originating in Asia, the citrus fruits of yesteryear were shrubby shrubs, producing fruits too bitter or too acid, inconsolable. Following numerous crosses and selections, the current species of citrus such as sweet orange , lime , bigarade developed. The citron was the first citrus imported into the Mediterranean basin by Alexander the Great on his return from his Asian expeditions. Also called “Pomme de Medie”, it would be the famous “Golden Apple of the garden of the Hesperides”. Unknown in antiquity, the other citrus were introduced much later in Europe by the Arabs. Lemon – renowned for its richness in Vitamin C – was used in the composition of theriacs, including Melissa water from the Carmelites.