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What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

You’ve heard of website retargeting, it’s been around for over 10 years. You know the drill, you go online and shop for an item, then next thing you know you are inundated with banner ads showing you the item you reviewed or similar items. This type of advertising is so commonplace that it’s lost its luster and intrigue, and consumers today are much too savvy to pay attention to this type of bombardment. In addition, the widespread use of ad blocking software is making it less likely that consumers will ever see the retargeted ad.

Now there is a new and much more personal and targeted way to reach your customer quickly after they have visited your website – Direct Mail Retargeting. Essentially valuable deep-dive data is collected from your website and utilized in real-time to create a direct mail piece that gets to your customer quickly with very targeted messaging.

As Ben Plomion wrote in Business2Community.com – “With marketers searching for a better way to connect with their actual customers (and avoid wasting ad spend on bots), direct mail is seeing a resurgence as a major component of omnichannel marketing. Because just as no one has devised a better way to move massive amounts of freight over long distances than railroads, direct mail offers an advantage that simply can’t be duplicated in the digital realm: tangibility.” Read more

Sandy Alexander has been executing successful variable data direct mail for many years and in many industries. Adding this new dimension of gathering real-time monitoring of websites and combining this with a personalize a direct mail campaign is a game-changer in reaching your customer quickly and in a very personal way…this tactic is tracking astounding increased response rates of up to 20% if the offer is appealing and the direct mail piece is interesting, targeted and top of mind. But the key metric is the quick turnaround of targeting content.

There are many pathways to retargeting your customer through direct mail. What will help you to be successful is to understand your customer’s buying journey. The more you know about your customer, the better equipped you will be to craft more effective marketing messages.

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