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Flexibility, Talent and Knowledge Earn Salt Studios Exclusive Services with Revlon

Flexibility, Talent and Knowledge Earn Salt Studios Exclusive Services with Revlon

In December of 2015, Salt Studios – the boutique pre-media arm of Sandy Alexander – began work with Revlon, the global cosmetic and hair care industry leader. A simple photograph of a gift-with-purchase comb, retouched and cleaned up developed into a textbook integrated marketing story for our services.

almay-make-up-salt-studiosTwelve months after work began, Revlon relies upon Salt Studios for the full gamut of pre-media services we offer. Photography, retouching, CG, art & mechanical for packaging and labels, PowerPoints, and layout & design repurposing are all part of the Revlon service mix. Projects are initiated by all Revlon departments (creative, marketing and production) with the highest volume for retouching, CG and art & mechanical work.
As an example of how business relationships have changed in the 21st century, clients who formerly relied upon agencies to broker many pre-media services are now going directly to the talent source (such as Salt Studios) allowing them to reap the rewards of work efficiency, continuity and savings. As a division of Sandy Alexander, Salt Studios retains the knowledge of how to prepare files ready-to-print and, as an added bonus, direct access to one of the nation’s finest offset and digital printers.


Salt Studios success is built on a flexible business model. Relying upon the talented retouchers and CG artists at our Manhattan location, we are supplemented by our network of facilities for art & mechanical work, PowerPoints, and layout or design repurposing. It’s a work platform that allows our company to provide the highest level of talent required by fashion and cosmetic leaders at the competitive price point global marketers expect.


There is no doubt the present model will continue to evolve and change; but you may be sure Salt Studios will stay on top of the trends. If you have any inquiries about Salt Studios and their creative capabilities, please contact Joe Savattieri at jsavattieri@salt-studios.com, or call 212.947.9222.