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Bringing “Beauty” to Printing

Bringing “Beauty” to Printing

Sandy Alexander is proud to have been chosen to print Mohawk Paper’s Mohawk Maker Quarterly newsletter. This complex project requires multi-color and multi-stock capabilities while maintaining the high-quality Mohawk Paper has come to demand. It is a true example of Sandy Alexander’s ability to print on any substrate while maintaining exact color science and brand consistency. Taking the blank slate of paper and allowing the selected design agency and Sandy Alexander full creative license, Mohawk and partners have brought beauty to life on a printed medium.

The newest issue of Mohawk’s Award-Winning Quarterly Publication titled “Beauty” is available at the 2016 AIGA Conference. The tenth issue of their continuous publication, designed and printed by the partnership of Hybrid Design and Sandy Alexander, has undergone new changes to create an interactive format for readers. This issue focusses on the concept of beauty through five “chapters” rather than the usual compilation of articles.

According to Chris Harrold of Mohawk, “Beauty isn’t a superficial aesthetic trait; it inspires, moves and engage us. It triggers emotion. It attracts. It gives pleasure. What’s more, beauty is universal: Everyone, regardless of culture, age or experience can recognize and appreciate a beautiful person, scene, object or sound, even though we have differing opinions of what qualifies as beautiful.”

To view the publication online or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, click here. To connect with Sandy Alexander and see how their graphic communications solutions can meet your needs, please contact Sandy Alexander at hello@sandyinc.com or call 973-470-8100.