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Breathing New Life into Flat Imagery

Breathing New Life into Flat Imagery

Marketing, Creative, and Product Development Directors know that flat, static artwork rarely makes the best first impression. Dimension and motion are key components, enhancing a visitor’s experience onsite while maintaining brand consistency. Fortunately, it’s a particular skill set with the Salt Studio CG team:

  • CG artists built wire frame models and added dimension and texture to model and graphics
  • Motion of figure used for initial impression
  • Animated “breathing” figure is subtle touch that completes an experience and engages Visitors at the Westworld site
  • To add realism, filmed footage of eyes rolling and opening were graded and compositing over the animated artwork
  • The eye movement paired with chest compressions are subtle but convey the hallmarks of life that are not possible to emote in static imagery alone
  • Specialized knowledge of color management achieve brand consistency of completed product

Salt Studios is Sandy Alexander’s high-end visual media production boutique located in New York City. They specialize in computer graphics, creative retouching, photography, and digital asset management for Sandy clients. Comprised of industry leading digital artists and cutting edge technology, Salt Studios can create, manage, and enhance your visual assets.

If you have any questions on conceptual product design, virtual comping, and motion graphics/animation for broadcast please contact Joe Savattieri at jsavattieri@salt-studios.com, or call 212.947.9222.