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An Explosion of Technology and the Future of Printing

An Explosion of Technology and the Future of Printing

Listen to Sandy Alexander CEO Mike Graff on Drupa 2016 –

Every four years the leading international trade show for print and cross-media communications – Drupa – is held in Düsseldorf, Germany to demonstrate technological advancements and market trends in the print industry. Our team of experts assessed the 1,837 exhibitors and identified those innovations that will add value to our customers.

Sandy Alexander has a rich heritage of industry leadership with a specific focus on leveraging the latest technologies to provide the best marketing outcomes for our clients. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to full analysis of every technological advancement. With our industry undergoing dramatic changes, marketers are seeking improved spending efficiency with shorter run lengths, competing channels and higher levels of segmentation.

Although data has become ubiquitous, the $100 billion commercial printing industry remains largely mechanical through the use of offset lithography production. This set of circumstances has led to an explosion of new technologies aimed at capturing the transition from analog to digital. New digital printing technologies are being introduced and commercialized with the promise of addressing previous limitations associated with digital printing.

Receive a Customized Presentation for your Company with an Overview of Technology Advancements
Our team concluded a cycle of in-depth review and analysis of the industry and its correlating technology. Sandy Alexander has prepared a technology briefing to share our insights as thought leaders of the industry. This briefing is your team’s opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, separate fact from fiction, and have a meaningful dialogue about our exciting business climate. Contact Sandy Alexander at hello@sandyinc.com or call 973-470-8100 to arrange for your customized presentation.