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Multi-Store National RVM Campaigns Avoid Distribution Disasters with SandyConnect.com

Multi-Store National RVM Campaigns Avoid Distribution Disasters with SandyConnect.com

Are you worrying about whether the distribution for your next retail visual merchandising campaign is going to go smoothly? With our online, multi-store logistics system you will no longer fret over the possibility of deliveries arriving late or pieces being sent to the wrong location.

Sandyconnect.com is a seamless, proprietary RVM logistics tool that gives you full visibility of what each store has received throughout the distribution process. Sandyconnect.com provides you with complete transparency on all elements– including distribution, on-line inventory, and an image gallery with all store installations.

The simple interface design makes it easy to navigate and is a time-saving resource for all involved in the process.  Your excel data is automatically imported into sandyconnect.com, therefore reducing time and input errors. Once the raw data is imported it is associated with the corresponding image. This ensures there is never any confusion derived from the production, kitting, packing or distribution process standpoint. All ISD dates and shipping services are built into the turn time, with our goal being all RVM projects using ground shipping. This allows for the lowest cost and highest ROI for your project. Sandyconnect.com alerts you immediately if a service is changed.

Sandyconnect.com is personalized for you and provides:

  • A secure password protected portal
  • Online order approval
  • Complete visual of all elements and store distribution
  • Online inventory status
  • Image gallery available for cross-platform review
  • Online personalized hotline for rollout requests– be it proof of delivery to inventory orders– as necessary
  • Complete history of all projects completed at Sandy Alexander, by campaign, date, image, materials–all the pertinent data.

The detailed order elements include:

  • Element name (i.e. light box, 3-D wall, etc.)
  • DescriptionFinished size (width, height, etc.)
  • Finished size (width, height, etc.)
  • Material
  • Quantities

The distribution view includes:

  • Real-time information
  • Packaging contents, destination, and shipping
  • Detailed tracking information
  • Integration one-click with FedEx & UPS tracking
  • Tablet and smartphone compatible (all mobile devices)

At Sandy Alexander, we have worked diligently to make your RVM campaign as seamless and profitable as possible. By integrating your RVM needs with our new Sandyconnect technology, businesses can keep track of all elements throughout the entire process and also have the luxury of a final PDF delivered to them upon completion– automatically. This final update even includes graphics for your proofing, so you know exactly what was sent to the store. Sandyconnect is taking the guesswork and complexity out of RVM distributions, leaving businesses with lower costs and a higher ROI across the span of the project. Try a demo for free of this new groundbreaking technology by contacting Sandy Alexander at hello@sandyinc.com or call 973-470-8100.

Sandy Alexander Inc. is the largest independently owned, high-end commercial graphics communications company in the nation, serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies and many other enterprises from coast to coast. Sandy Alexander’s broad array of services range from digital solutions, to sheetfed & webs with in-line finishing/personalization, wide & grand format and printing for retail visual merchandising. Because of Sandy Alexander’s broad range of resources, Sandy Alexander can provide the most impactful and efficient printing for any campaign regardless of substrate, size or quantity. Sandy Alexander is also a leader in protecting the environment with 100% wind energy, SGP certification, and tri-certification for chain-of-custody sustainability paper.