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Is color the key to brand consistency?

Is color the key to brand consistency?

Welcome to Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Color Consistency 101. Now that is quite a mouthful. So what exactly does it mean?

Well, “Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Color Consistency” is what we refer to as the solution in maintaining brand consistency over any product intended for marketing purposes. It is the use of different types of marketing collateral ranging from postcards, direct mail, ad inserts, floor graphics, duratrans, billboards, and much more while still keeping the color of your brand consistent. Color management is absolutely essential in the world of marketing where the combination of substrates, shapes and sizes is so vast.

To ensure accurate branding it takes extreme, integrated multi-channel color management across paper, metal, glass, fabric, vinyl, window clings and a variety of other materials; but it isn’t possible to attain the accuracy of color overnight. Requiring the culmination of years of testing, it involves introducing color management across all printing platforms including digital, sheet-fed, full-web and wide & grand/retail visual merchandising presses; subjecting color to a wide spectrum of environments with varying degrees of light, heat, and moisture.

Historically, basic color management has been embraced by several commercial printers. Unfortunately, most printers do not dedicate this time and effort to color management because it is classified as unrecoverable testing (cannot be charged to a customer or a job). Sandy Alexander is among the handful of elite printers that have not only practiced color management, but have implemented measures to take color management the next level, surpassing the G7 certification. This expertise requires pushing beyond the typical color standards and adding extra quality to your brand’s color, capturing the total essence of your brand’s imagery.

At Sandy Alexander, this is achieved through the dedication and passion of our coveted color scientists. They take the time to profile and proof a multitude of papers and substrates to ensure consistent color for your brand across every permutation of substrate, size, and shape that your marketing campaign leverages.

We have profiled all of our presses so we can take our customer’s imagery from digital to sheet-fed, full-web, and wide & grand format while providing consistent color and brand imagery. Furthermore, we have tested under various lighting scenarios to simulate varying retail environments to ensure that imagery does not change under different conditions.

The result is unparalleled total brand consistency over and platform or substrate; or “Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Color Consistency.” Class dismissed.