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Is Eco-Friendly Retail Visual Merchandising Materials…An Oxymoron?

Is Eco-Friendly Retail Visual Merchandising Materials…An Oxymoron?

In the fast paced world of retail visual merchandising, can you have great color and be environmentally friendly too? Are there alternatives for all the variations of marketing materials used in the world of visual merchandising?

Thankfully there are…with a number of new materials now available in the marketplace, you can have great color and be more eco-friendly too. There are a myriad of new products with varying degrees of environmental impact. They range from being recyclable, to biodegradable, to compostable. Almost any project now has an alternative so your company can be environmentally responsible. Some examples of more eco-friendly alternatives include: falcon board for Hex, Bioflex for flex, Stoplight for poster paper, Insite for foam, and even PET/PVC free vinyl for banners. This, combined with sustainable chain-of-custody paper allows you to field a campaign in the most impactful way possible — with bright colors and heightened detail – while still protecting the environment.

It is also important to produce your marketing collateral at an environmentally responsible manufacturer who has experience printing with these materials, so you maintain color consistency and don’t negatively impact the campaign. Sandy Alexander has tested a multitude of eco-friendly substrates and has printed with them for years, so you can be assured that you will have no fall-off in quality as you strive to be environmentally responsible.

Sandy Alexander is:

1. 100% Powered by Wind Energy
2. An award winning facility and recipient of the What They Think! Environmental Innovation Award
3. Tri-certified for chain-of-custody sustainable paper (FSC, SFI, and PEFC)

…you can feel confident knowing that your total campaign is being produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Finally, at Sandy Alexander we believe that climate change is real and is largely the result of human activity. We also believe there are no quick fixes. Therefore, we all need to work together to address the serious work of protecting the environment by making the right choices that reduce both greenhouse gases and all forms of waste.