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If Television is the New Television…Then Direct Mail is the New Direct Marketing

If Television is the New Television…Then Direct Mail is the New Direct Marketing

Television is the New Television …”The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media in the Digital Age” written by Michael Wolff (Portfolio Penguin) is about the fact that, “Digital media finds it must ape “old” media to create the kind of engagement that otherwise eludes it” stated by Jonathan A. Knee in a recent NY Times book review.

The same can be said for Direct Mail. Why? Because despite all of the protestations that Direct Mail is dead…it remains the #1 most trusted form of direct marketing (even among millenniums) and has become the most effective entry way …. trigger for all other forms of direct marketing.

And as Joe Friday said on TV… “Just the facts ma’am”

Direct Mail is more impactful than alternative media

  • 79% of consumers act on Direct Mail campaigns immediately versus 45% on e-mail
  • 40% of consumers state they will try a new business after receiving a DM piece
  • DM is 28X more effective than e-mail
  • 70% of consumers believe DM is more personable than e-mail
  • Direct mail is the entry way, the “trigger” for other forms of media in the automated marketing multi-channel world
  • Direct Mail Can be married with digital for an interactive experience (i.e. Augmented Reality)
  • Brands combining DM and digital can expect a 10%-30% uplift to conversion
  • 58% of on-line shoppers browse catalogs for ideas

Finally, even among the Gen X and Gen Y, Direct Mail is the most trusted media

  • 77% of millenniums have purchased items promoted in DM
  • Majority (52%) of Gen X & Gen Y consumers favor DM for receiving unsolicited promotions from unfamiliar companies
  • Majority of millenniums identify DM as their most trusted media

Therefore, reports of the death of direct mail have been greatly exaggerated!!!!!!!



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