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The Magical Glow of Florescent inks

The Magical Glow of Florescent inks

Florescent colors are currently trending in printing because of their eye appeal and because of advancements in technology. In fact, kids prefer fluorescent colors. In a recent study conducted by DayGlo, which manufacturer’s fluorescent pigments, it was found that children prefer neon colors by 4-to-1 over conventional colors.

“Demand for these colors has definitely gone up,” said Keith Leach, Reebok’s Director of NHL merchandising. “Ultra-bright colors have become far more prevalent in recent years, because fabric and dye technology has vastly improved.” (From Why Neon is taking over the World by David Goldman.)

This trend is carrying over to ink on paper with some leading paper manufacturers printing fluorescent promotional materials. Fluorescent colors appear brighter to the eye, because they use a greater portion of the light spectrum, including UV light. Therefore, they can increase luminosity especially on uncoated paper…where these vivid colors can be added and still maintain the richness and fidelity of an image.

The talent and experience of a printer is critical in making this work, especially when working with uncoated paper. However it is well worth the effort, because fluorescent pigments can help make a color look “cleaner” and add a degree of brilliance and impact to the subject matter…translating into a more impactful and effective marketing campaign.