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CG Imagery – The Artist is Key!

CG Imagery – The Artist is Key!

More and more companies are using CG (Computer Graphics) in their catalogs and other marketing collateral. The use of CG opens up whole new words of imagery and can save a significant amount in cost and speed to market.

However, is it the beginning of the end for the artist?

In a word… NO!

The CG process mimics traditional photography but only removes the physical aspects. CG replaces the physical hardware, locations, environments and props with virtual replicas. Computer simulations are used to calculate the relationship of property of lights, materials, and objects into the CG rendering.

However, it is often misconstrued that using CG in place of photography removes the human influence or that photographs are automatically created without the impact of the artist. The artist “photographer” STILL provides the input that the CG (computer element) feeds on to make the calculations.

A successful CG job still relies on the artistry of a person to translate the visual elements as input for the computer to generate the final output. However, once the artists have done “Their Magic” CG can take you beyond the physical limitations of the real world. The result is more flexibility in creativity, significantly lower cost in production, and shortened time to market.

Meet Salt Studios – media production and image realization specialist. With a single point of contact, industry digital artists and cutting edge technology, we can create, manage and enhance all of your visual assets. The result is an optimized marketing strategy with global brand consistency, reduced time to market, all while improving your bottom line efficiencies.

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