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The Multiplier Effect of Personalized Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

The Multiplier Effect of Personalized Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Multi-channel marketing is about reaching your customer at different times via different ways through a variety of media which can include: retail stores, website, catalogs, TV, radio, e-mail, SMS and more. A majority of customers are now using multiple channels for shopping and buying. Further, multi-channel shoppers are 25%-50% more profitable than single channel customers (Managing Multi-Channel Marketing by Wade Sisson, PartnerCentric). Therefore, businesses leveraging multi-channel marketing drive a higher ROI on their marketing investments.

It is important to develop a multi-channel strategy based on your customer’s demographics and media usage. Developing and implementing a marketing campaign that reaches across a number of channels will provide significant synergies and cross channel benefits driving an increase in awareness and trial and eventually sales. Additionally, it is important to coordinate your cross channel efforts so they converge on the consumer at the same time which will reinforce the call-to-action and ultimately a sale.

And, customization is key. As stated by Wade Sisson, “The effectiveness of messaging today is absolutely dependent on the level of personalization…By a ratio of 3:1, today’s customers prefer messages that are personalized in the modern impersonalized world.” We have fielded One-to-One marketing campaigns supported with multiple data points that achieved double digit response rates.

Further, today there are a variety of multi-channel marketing tools that you can leverage to field a personalized multi-channel campaign including: 1-to-1 Variable Data printing combined with personalized e-mails driven by IMB intelligent bar codes, driving consumers to a Personalized URL (Purl) that can include augmented reality, all culminating in a sale.

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