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Computer Generated Imagery Case Study

Computer Generated Imagery Case Study

There once was a time when CG was just for video games; low resolution, simple, animated, characters with no basis in reality.

Then the motion picture industry discovered CG. With unrivaled power, massive computers linked together to speed up renders, Toy Story and Shrek animation astounded us all. As CG has advanced over the years there’s hardly a movie without CG’s now realistic special effects, from hurricanes and blizzards, to bombs and explosions both on the big screen and TV.

To create the illusion of reality in motion pictures is one thing because images fly by at the rate of 30 frames per second and we’re surrounded with Dolby sound. However, CG in print is a different story. There is only one frame, silently telling its story, until the reader turns the page. Further, the resources put into print for one frame has been historically significant including: a location scout, stylist, equipment manager, prop manager, photographer and retouchers. How could CG ever replace all of those resources and effort, and approach the quality needed to replicate the reality of a beautiful live image?

Case Study

Recently, a client called in a panic. Art for a new product launch deadline was looming. The client had 4 or 5 different women’s sandals and a hand full of fabric swatches. One sandal was correct for the buckle, one was correct for the strap, yet another for the sole, so they didn’t have a whole shoe. Further, the swatches were not only for color but patterns and textures as well.

This is the perfect job for CG. Utilizing a maxed out render farm our CG artists modeled one shoe and used it across all skus. The fabrics were shot in the studio and used as a base to create needed textures. Multiple camera angles were achieved by moving the “virtual camera”.

CG programs are built to mimic photography, using a virtual studio, lighting, cameras and lenses, everything found in a conventional studio. The job was delivered in 3 days and 5 days after that these beautiful shots were headed to catalog pages and store windows across the country…while the real shoes, were just going into production on the other side of the world.

CG imagery is not perfect for every project, but in the hands of the right artists the quality these days is as good as photography and, often times better. Speed to market where there is no actual product available is a real strength. Extreme angles are easily achieved where they are near impossible in conventional photography. The placement of virtual lights in a virtual studio allows for some truly amazing shots. CG is a tremendous creative tool, giving the creative director a brand new palette and canvas.

Give us a call to set up a brief demo to see how CG can work for you. Its creative flexibility, turnaround time, and lower cost will astound you.