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Larry Westlake Shares Tips for Printing on Uncoated Paper

Larry Westlake Shares Tips for Printing on Uncoated Paper

“Dot gain is a good thing. Without it nothing looks vibrant.”

“If you go to press with a set of plates that aren’t adjusted for uncoated paper, your printed results will be like mud.”

“It doesn’t cost any more money to print clean and open on uncoated paper.”

These are all quotes from a conversation that Larry Westlake, Executive Vice President, recently had with Mohawk Papers to discuss dot gain on uncoated paper. Many want the tactile quality of an uncoated paper for a brochure, catalog, magazine or direct mail piece, but don’t want to lose detail and vibrancy due to dot gain.

Watch the full conversation to hear Larry talk about the simple adjustments we made to ensure the outstanding print quality of Mohawk’s Maker Quarterly #4. Each form was printed on a different finish of Mohawk Via—Felt, Linen, Satin, Vellum and Smooth. And every crossover and detailed photographic image is spectacular.

Premium papers make print more beautiful, effective and memorable. Let us help you utilize them to their fullest capability.