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Marketing Automation: Behind the Statistics

Marketing Automation: Behind the Statistics

Any fan of the 2005 movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” will remember how uncomfortable Jim Carrey’s character Dick Harper becomes when new, unfamiliar statistics are thrown at him on live TV. Reprehended by Ralph Nader, he stutters “I don’t know where you’re getting your ‘sa-stistics’ from”. Attempting to benchmark typical results by marketing tactic can leave marketers feeling similarly confused. Does direct mail average a 1.1 to 1.4% response rate (CMO Council May 2013), a 3.4% response rate (DMA 2012), or even 4.4% (DM News 2012)? What is the most important statistic for online banner ads, the traditional click-thru rate or the now popular interaction rate?

Although the differing methodologies and varying baselines can leave your head spinning, one truth remains constant: Behind the statistics are people that simply could use information relevant to their lifestyles . . . on their terms. That’s it. No matter what the average response rate, open rate, click-thru rate or completed view rate, it’s really about connecting with the end consumer and about how they want to communicate with your brand. Therefore, developing a communication platform that is capable of asking for user feedback and then customizing communication content and channels based on that feedback is a key to building long-term relationships and maximizing lifetime value, for you and your customer.

Modern marketing automation systems and techniques allow you to do this. Partnering with an experienced marketing automation partner allows you to do thisefficiently. From the first interaction; whether the consumer sought out your site for an interesting webinar or deal, or whether you reached out via email or direct mail, you now have the ability to customize the future relationship with that consumer, making you relevant, convenient and maybe even a little bit ‘cool’ in their eyes. And that’s the impact that will lead to the statistics that matters most . . . customers that are loyal and advocates of your brand!

Sandy Alexander’s passion is helping our clients build a memorable brand and cultivate relationships. We do this by creating a personalized experience across multiple channels, based on user preference and engagement.