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Sandy Alexander. Take a moment to explore the many diverse offerings we provide for your complete print and marketing communications needs. For over 50 years, our team of professionals have worked with customers to bring to life marketing campaigns. Using a wide variety of output options, we create unique solutions and visual communications to promote your brand. We truly understand complexity, speed to market, budgets and on-time delivery. Discover our different services and talk to our team of professionals about your next marketing opportunity. Contact Gene Palecco for more information.


It’s a new age of marketing. The landscape has drastically shifted to more digitally focused campaigns, online shopping and commerce, and delivery right to homes. So how do you drive traffic to your brick & mortar locations? How do you retain your loyal customers? The answer is still print.

SANDY ALEXANDER OFFERS FULL PRINT SOLUTIONS that will take your campaigns to the next level. We offer resources available to you with our own Playbook to Reopening, Guide to Direct Mail, and webinar on Rethinking Loyalty in 2021 that can help you analyze and revamp your strategies and succeed. We can be your partner for all print formats and other marketing communications. Check out our recent posts and explore our solutions to your multi-channel marketing needs.


Some of our offerings to help #FlattenTheCurve:

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Contact us at hello@sandyinc.com or reach out to your representative for full details!

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    Sandy Alexander

Selecting the right paper separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. Make sure to create an experience with your brand to stay top-of-mind.


At the forefront of new innovations in the science of window design, retailers are employing new technologies, social media, gamification, apps, and interactive experiences.


With the right equipment, creativity, and expertise, large-scale campaigns can become intricate, multi-dimensional formats for best possible response rates and increased ROI.


Eye tracking research can spot consumer behavioral trends that other metrics miss. With EyeValuate, marketers can discover what their consumers are ACTUALLY seeing on any print piece.